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Stories of Godparents

When you want to bring comfort to your neighbor, there is no shortage of opportunities, you just have to find out before you start. I chose the association SOS AIDE ORPHELINS following the advice of a trusted friend and I am delighted. I regularly have the pleasure of meeting Brother Said at the mosque and exchanging with him: all smiles and projects full of head, it is in the relief of the pain of the most deprived that he and his contacts find their energies. Saïd is honest, committed, dynamic and ensures that the intention is concretized and proves it. Correspondence is obviously possible to better know and follow the child we sponsor.

I am a sponsor of 3 beautiful children whose families are tested and I think it would be a shame not to participate in this beautiful project, especially as for the investment required for the result obtained.

Acting within one’s means to bring comfort to a hard-hit family is not trivial. It is a gesture of love towards his neighbor, with no other interest than to help him and that he knows that somewhere, a brother or sister is thinking of him.

Let’s be intelligently generous


Abdelkrim’s story

Letter from NASSERA

I wanted to set up a donation that would make sense in my values and religious convictions, but I did not know which association to turn to, it turns out that in May 2018 my spouse gave me a flyer from an association that aimed to sponsor orphans.

I contacted the number and elhamdoulilah I got bored with the person who had set it up, and even better the person resides in my city..!

I immediately trusted because Said and his wife brought us concrete proof, seriousness in this commitment to orphans (they are both invested in other humanitarian aid).

We received the photos of the children with proof of identity and even the telephone details for those who would be interested in direct contact afterwards, it is even possible to visit them.

The orphans are in Algeria, we receive letters from them every year with their photo.

I have dragged into this human adventure a part of my entourage and I have not finished mobilizing the benevolent people who wish to help their neighbors because for the moment I believe that this personal and financial investment is only a drop in the sea, while if we mobilize more we will be able to provide for the needs of other orphans who expect nothing more than to have a more serene life without thinking about tomorrow.

For those who have zakat or simply alms to do it is an honorable way to provide for these orphans in order to help give them a better life and allow them to grow up without worrying about tomorrow.

This association is very invested you can count on the help of Said and his wife to give you accurate information about sponsorship.

The reward will be immense! Allah is more learned


Sponsoring an orphan

To have the opportunity to sponsor an orphan is for me to be grateful to the Clement who grants us everything we need, it allows to unite the hearts of the Community and to follow the recommendations of the Prophet SAWS when to come to the aid of the orphan and hope in this the approval of the Almighty here below and in the hereafter as well as the proximity of the Prophet SAWS to Paradise.

Being useful to one’s community is something in which we should multiply our efforts and actions so that our book of Actions can be heavy with beautiful and good things.