Our actions

Completed actions

With your donation, you can improve the daily life of an orphan.


This is our main action in which we are fully invested, it is carried out on a daily basis. We are doing our best to help all the thousands of orphans.



We are also invested in the construction of wells.

The PROPHET (sws) said “the best alms is to give water to drink” he was the most

Generous men.

We work with an SOS MUSLIM association in which we have total confidence. This association offers 3 types of wells.

In ASIA (Nepal, India, Sri Lanka)

Family wells for 4 or 5 families: Price: 150 €

In AFRICA (Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Chad)

Community well for 400 people: Price: between € 790 and € 1,500

Castle well 2000 people: Price: 2000 €

We completed 150 wells in 2021.

We wish you to carry out one of the most beautiful deeds.


During RAMADAN 2021 we decided with my wife to cook 30 meals / day to allow poor fasters in our region of Toulouse to eat their fill when the fast is broken.

Several sponsors participated in the realization of this great action.

This good deed made us have a superb RAMADAN

For the next RAMADAN 2022, we want to increase the number of meals, especially since sponsors have already expressed the desire to participate.

Actions in process

Alone we go faster but together we go further!


500 or 600 migrants of sub-Saharan African origin, mainly Muslims, live in a squat in Toulouse.

I’ve been involved in buying food, cleaning products and hygiene products for a year, etc.

You can imagine that is insufficient. There is such a demand that I take the initiative to suggest to interested sponsors to accompany me in this process by giving a Donation equal to their possibilities.

I have received several positive responses. We will see how to organize ourselves to give importance to this action in order to feed as many migrants as possible.


The SOS MUSLIM association with which we work for the construction of wells is also involved in the construction of Mosques. & nbsp; Everyone knows Sadaqa Jarya, building a Mosque is Sadaqa Jarya. This Sadaqa is valid for the living but also the deceased.

The construction of a Mosque is especially beneficial for the locals who will be able to practice their religion in decent and joyful conditions. We will do what is necessary to benefit as many people as possible for a good cause. “ Whoever participates in the construction of a mosque, God will build him a castle in paradise”


The person who created this SITE is also the manager of the BESSMA association.

This association works for orphans in ALGERIA. She acts in a different way

of our association. It is mainly oriented in the collection of clothing, food, medical equipment and cash donations. This association is brand new. We decided to see how we could collaborate, help each other, develop, bring it to life and make it grow together.